LEGO Star Wars Escape Pod vs. Dewback Microfighter Review

I stated in my 2019 Star Wars set wave blog post, this Microfighter set is one of the coolest in the entire series.

Set Name: LEGO Star Wars Escape Pod vs. Dewback Microfighters
Set Number: 75228
Pieces: 117
Minifigures: 3
Release Date: January 1, 2019

As always, I will start with the minifigures. The first notable feature about the set is that it comes with 3 minifigures instead of the usual 2 figures. This is the first duel microfighter to have the 3 figures and hopefully we will see more in the future. In my opinion, the Sandtrooper is by far the coolest figure in the set. He comes with backgear, a staff, binoculars, and a long ranged assault riffle. The trooper can store his extra gear on the Dewback which is nice. Inside, the troopers helmet is complete with back printing. This is the first white helmet to include black interior printing and I like it. The trooper has a lot of detail on the front and back. I’m so glad they included printing on the back even though it’s covered by his backgear.

The Dewback is super cute. It has light and dark green printing and a brown saddle. The feet have three claws that are tan. Both the head and tail has the ability to move and rotate so you can choose how it is positioned. Another cool feature which I already mentioned is you can hold the Sandtroopers extra gear- an awesome feature. The Dewback is by far the best part of the set.

The escape pod is very impressive. The fact that they found a way to have both droids fit on the pod is amazing. The engines are very similar to the most recent escape pod. There is not much to say about the pod, except that it’s a really cool design.

This set is great. It’s very small and probably the cutest microfighter set out there. I normally am not a huge fan of the microfighter but this is by far the best one they have created. I would give this set a 10/10. Let me know what your favorite microfighter set is down in the comment section, and have a great day!

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