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Matthew Fiore is a 16 year old who lives in central Massachusetts and attends a vocational school concentrating in Business and Entrepreneurship. He was first introduced to LEGO at the age of 4 and instantly fell in love. Matthew spent his childhood making (and continues to make) unique and creative spaceships, buildings, bases and much more with his younger brother. Although he loves all themes of LEGO, some of his favorites include Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, City, and Architecture. His basement is filled with thousands of pieces and his room is a museum of his favorite sets. After an introduction to eBay by Matthew's uncle in spring 2016, he started to learn how to market and sell books and postcards. Matthew quickly learned that it's easier to market and sell products that one has a love and passion for and founded Summerfield's Toys in December 2017. Matthew has created a successful business offering individual and unique combinations of LEGO sets and pieces that are hard to find in retail stores. Starting this blog allows him to further share his passion of LEGO with others.

LEGO Architecture 21021 Marina Bay Sands Sealed For Sale


LEGO Architecture 21021 Marina Bay Sands Sealed

Condition: New 100% Genuine LEGO bricks and pieces

This is a buy it now listed for $1200.00. Comes as seen in pictures.

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At Summerfield’s Toys, we do our best to provide LEGO enthusiast with unique combinations of LEGO and various other toys that are not found in traditional stores. Customers and guest satisfaction are our priority and mission. We hope our toys will inspire creativity, collaboration, and entertainment to people of all ages.