About the Founder

Matthew Fiore is a 19-year-old who lives in central Massachusetts. He is attending Bryant University studying Financial Services and Psychology. He was first introduced to LEGO at the age of 4 and instantly fell in love. Since his childhood, he’s enjoyed creative spaceships, buildings, bases, and much more. Matthew Loves LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Marvel. His basement is filled with thousands of pieces and his room is a museum of his favorite sets.

After an introduction to eBay in spring 2016, he started to learn how to market and sell books and postcards. Matthew quickly learned that it’s easier to market and sell products that one has a love and passion for and founded Summerfield’s Toys in December 2017.

Matthew has created a successful business offering individual and unique combinations of LEGO sets and pieces that are hard to find in retail stores. Starting this blog allows him to further share his passion for LEGO with others.