LEGO Star Wars Y-Wing 75172 Set Review

Set Name: LEGO Star Wars Rebel Y-Wing Star Fighter
Set Number: 75172
Pieces: 691
Minifigures: 5
Release Date: January 1, 2017

Hello Everyone! Today we will be looking at the 2017 Rebel Y-Wing which is based off of the Star Wars Rogue One Movie. I must say this set is really nice. It comes with 5 solid minifigures, a crane, and a super detailed Y-Wing.

Lets begin with the minifigures. Admiral Raddus is in a blue jump suit and has the perfect amount of front and back printing. His face is really cool as the facial features do a great job showing his age. Overall he is an amazing figure. The Stormtrooper is just a generic Stormtrooper. Personally it’s my favorite version LEGO has done. It looks extremely similar to the ones in the movies which is nice.

Moroff is a unique figure. He was briefly seen on the Holy City of Jedha for a few seconds but it’s cool we got him as a figure. On a flat surface, it’s a bit difficult to have him stand up due to the weight of his backpack. He has lots of detailed printing. Although I love the Moroff figure, I would have liked LEGO to add a long overdue Mon Montha. It has been a while since we have seen her and she had much more screen time then Moroff. The Astromech Droid is just a droid, there is nothing really special about the Droid. The Pilot is also the generic LEGO Pilot. Since the set comes with all male figures, I would have liked the pilot to have been female. Overall the figures are solid, detailed and a great addition to a LEGO minifigure collection.

The set comes with a yellow crane that loads missiles and bombs. It’s a pretty cool play feature, although the crane part is a bit hard to maneuver, but it serves its purpose.

Building the Y-Wing was a blast! The ship has a ton detail. It has two spring-loaded missile launchers and an area to drop bombs using a black gear. I would have liked to have seen a bit more yellow throughout the ship. Using the Battle Droid body piece on the sides of the ship shows a great use of pieces. I appreciate how the engines are symmetrical and easily detachable. I am also thankful that LEGO did not add stud shooters because I always accidentally press the flicker.

I wish LEGO would have added a way to attach the figures weapons within the ship, then they won’t get lost or have to carry them when playing. The ship has landing gear that can be put up when flying which is always nice to see on large ships like this one. The bombing feature is really cool and one of my favorite parts. Just by twisting the gear you can drop up to three missiles at once. It’s super easy to function and reload you missiles.

Overall this is an amazing set. I would highly recommend. It is definitely an improvement from the previous Y-Wings LEGO has release. I would give the set a 10/10

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