BrickFair New Jersey 2019!!

Last week I went to BrickFair New Jersey to display my first MOC (My own Creation) I had a fantastic, memorable time. I met so many smart, talented people and saw so many cool creation.

I started my MOC in early July. After purchasing the LEGO Iron Man Hall of Armor I wanted to create the Avengers Compound so I did. After many hours and LEGO orders, I completed it in time for BrickFair. Since it was my first MOC, I just started building, I didn’t think of how big it would actually get. (30 IN wide, 32 IN long and 10 IN tall) I could barely fit it out the door. The next MOC will be able to be broken up into separate smaller sections. I will post some pictures at the bottom.

I convinced my parents to let me skip school on Friday and my dad and I drove down to Secaucus, New Jersey. We transported the MOC on a thick wooden plate. Once I set up I got to meet and talk to fellow creators. I met one older gentlemen who was so passionate about his 1994 Pink Floyd Stadium. He was ecstatic when I won a Brickee.

I was super nervous the next day. I wasn’t sure if the public would like it or even look at it. I was wrong. Everyone loved it. It was the only MOC there that was completely centered around Marvel’s Avengers. Kids would run up and try to find their favorite character, and when they did they would get so excited and point them out to their parents. Even adults loved the MOC. One women asked if she could place her personal minifigures next to Stan Lee. I said of course and to put a huge smile on here face.

Another child named Jackson came up and stared at the MOC for a few seconds. He then turned and whispered to his mom. His mom asked me if he could shake my hand. Shaking Jacksons hand made building the MOC 100% worth it. I estimated that over the weekend 500 photos were taken of my creation. Some people said it was their favorite on there.

Overall I had a terrific time at BrickFair NJ. I had a great time with my dad and my family. I enjoyed seeing all the kids run up to the MOC. I already have next years creation in mind. Thank you BrickFair New Jersey!!!

LEGO Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina Review

The minifigures are extraordinary. This version on Han Solo is the most accurate LEGO has produced. The printing is nicely finished The hair piece is done really well. I only wished they added his iconic smirk instead of a full on smile for the second side of the head. This is the first LEGO set were we got Wuher. I love his design, Its simple and detailed at the same time. The detail on his chest is a nice addition and really completes the character. The Sandtrooper is amazing as well. Its super detailed and just looks plain amazing. I love this backgear and shoulder pad. In my opinion this is the best Greedo figure LEGO has created. It looks really awesome. He has printing on his print and back torso and front legs. Overall the figures are awesome.

LEGO Star Wars Escape Pod vs. Dewback Microfighter Review (Blog Post)

I stated in my 2019 Star Wars set wave blog post, this Microfighter set is one of the coolest in the entire series.

Set Name: LEGO Star Wars Escape Pod vs. Dewback Microfighters
Set Number: 75228
Pieces: 117
Minifigures: 3
Release Date: January 1, 2019

As always, I will start with the minifigures. The first notable feature about the set is that it comes with 3 minifigures instead of the usual 2 figures. This is the first duel microfighter to have the 3 figures and hopefully we will see more in the future. In my opinion, the Sandtrooper is by far the coolest figure in the set. He comes with backgear, a staff, binoculars, and a long ranged assault riffle. The trooper can store his extra gear on the Dewback which is nice. Inside, the troopers helmet is complete with back printing. This is the first white helmet to include black interior printing and I like it. The trooper has a lot of detail on the front and back. I’m so glad they included printing on the back even though it’s covered by his backgear.

The Dewback is super cute. It has light and dark green printing and a brown saddle. The feet have three claws that are tan. Both the head and tail has the ability to move and rotate so you can choose how it is positioned. Another cool feature which I already mentioned is you can hold the Sandtroopers extra gear- an awesome feature. The Dewback is by far the best part of the set.

The escape pod is very impressive. The fact that they found a way to have both droids fit on the pod is amazing. The engines are very similar to the most recent escape pod. There is not much to say about the pod, except that it’s a really cool design.

This set is great. It’s very small and probably the cutest microfighter set out there. I normally am not a huge fan of the microfighter but this is by far the best one they have created. I would give this set a 10/10. Let me know what your favorite microfighter set is down in the comment section, and have a great day!

LEGO Star Wars Snoke’s Throne Room Review (LEGO Blog)

Hello readers, today we are going to take a look at the Snoke’s Throne Room. I got this set as a gift from my grandparents in California. Thank you so much!

This set is amazing! The size is perfect and it comes with an excellent selection of minifigures. When this set first came out it retailed for $70. I have know idea what LEGO was thinking; for $70 that would be a scam. Now it’s going for $45-$50 which is a great deal.

Set Name: LEGO Star Wars Snoke’s Throne Room
Set Number: 75216
Pieces: 492
Minifigures: 5
Release Date: August 1, 2018

First I will start with the minifigures. I think the most noticeable minifigures in this set are the Praetorian Guards. They are in an all red uniform and face. They have the new skirt-ish pants that we have been seeing more and more recently. Their weapons are good looking. We have the same Snoke Minifigure as we saw in the First Order Star Destroyer. He is dressed in golden robes. I don’t have much to say about him, he was a nice figure but wasn’t a well developed character in the movie. Rey is in this set and he is my favorite figure of Rey they have created; I love the hair and the grey/blue outfit. Kylo Rem is in his all black armor outfit. Both figures look great.

Snoke’s Throne is cool. It can turn 360 degrees and has the ability to be removed from the room. Right before his throne where Rey stands, you can use the pull system to move Rey closer to Snoke and reenact the scene from the movie. I personally love this feature, It definitely improves the playability. The two tall walls to either side of the room make the set look complete. The only thing I would have liked to seen was red drapes on them so it resembled the movie better.

There is a little quarter wall on the side of the room that has a magnifying glass where you can look into space. The space piece is a sticker and you cannot see any space ships outside, but you can see stars. The bridge is a little small width wise, but still looks good. I like how they added the railings for extra detail. The door in the back looks nice too, although it is a little hard to turn the door.

Overall, I like this set. I feel like the playability is strong and the design is solid. I could not ask for better figures. At the $45-$50 range I would give this set a 9/10. Let me know your thoughts on the set in the comment section!

Summerfield’s Toys Top 5 Favorite LEGO Instagram Pages!!

Happy February everyone! In today’s post I will share my top 5 LEGO Instagram pages and why they are my favorites. All pages are in alphabetical order.

LEGO Travellers post their own photos of a minifigure family traveling the world and going on adventures. The photos look very professional. They have traveled to Disneyland, Brussels, Amsterdam, United Kingdom, as well as Australia, which is where they live. This Instagram page so cute and connects you with the world.

JaclynKatelynLoren LEGO Scenes posts unique scenes using commonly known characters. Their photos are crisp and clear. The captions are creative an always put a smile on your face. The scene makes you wonder how the single picture story would continue, igniting your own imagination and creativity. This family friendly page has clever photos that make your Instagram feed unique.

Sarah Beyer is an Adult Fan of LEGO who creates extremely detailed architectural structures such as furniture, houses, and landscapes. Her photos are exceptional and always show the structure at the best angles. Over the years, each and every house is better than the last. Sarah is constantly improving her building techniques and takes pride in her LEGO creations.

Stormythos is a LEGO Instagram page that posts custom built creations of brickheadz. His builds are impressive. Some of his Brickheadz were even featured on the official LEGO Instagram. He creates popular characters from television shows and movies. He takes pride in his builds and is always perfecting his creations. Stormythos never wants to keep his building secrets to himself as he shares tips and tricks so his followers can build their own favorite characters.

y.badiner uploads original scenes using characters and his precise photography skills. Only one word can describe his artwork: stunning! The way he places each element is impressive. y.badiner has a skilled talent were he places the figures to appear floating in the air. Another cool thing he recently started doing is posting behind the scenes photos were you can see how he places the figures which is really neat.

All of these creators are extremely talented. Links to each creators Instagram are below. Make sure you click on the links and follow them. I hope you enjoyed Summerfield’s Toys top 5 favorite LEGO Instagram pages

LEGO Star Wars 20th Anniversary Set Thoughts (LEGO Blog)

Yesterday, LEGO released 5 new LEGO sets for LEGO Star Wars 20th Anniversary. When I first saw these sets I was in love with them, but at a closer look, I am no longer as excited. In this blog post, I will review the new sets and share my thoughts.

Hoth Snowspeeder

The Hoth Snowspeeder is a fantastic build and LEGO seemed to perfect the design. But even as I first looked at the set, I wondered why are we getting another snowspeeder. We have gotten 4-5 Hoth Snowspeeders in just the last 6 years. It doesn’t make sense why they would make another one, as the previous versions of the speeder were perfect. If you don’t have one this one already, this is a fantastic opportunity to purchase one now. However, if you already have one, there is no need to update at this time. As for the 3 rebel figures, they are cool. There is nothing to really say about them since there’s nothing new.

Imperial Dropship

The Imperial Dropship is a remake from 2007. The sole purpose of the ship is to transport figures, which this set looks to do very well. In my opinion it looks pretty ugly, but lots of people seem to like it. As for why LEGO decided to choose this ship for the 20th Anniversary baffles me as the ship wasn’t in any Star Wars movies. It makes zero sense that it is in this collection. Also, while the majority of the LEGO community does not like the new Stormtrooper helmets, I like them a lot because it represents the helmets shown in the movie more accurately. We also get a Shadow Trooper which is nice.

Slave One

Slave One is one of two of the sets that make sense to be in the anniversary collection. (The other one being the Podracer) It is an iconic ship from the original trilogy and it deserved more screen time. The set itself looks really awesome. It appears to look bulky, but personally I don’t mind. All of the figures look great. The only thing I would have added was a Bossk minifgure.


The AT-RT walker looks awesome. It is extremely similar to the 2013 AT-RT Clone Wars walker. The small spider droid looks really cool from the image. The Wookie’s Turret also looks amazing. The Wookie appears to look like Chewbacca but you can’t really tell from this picture. The set also comes with a Kashyyyk Trooper and Battle Droid.


The Podracer is so cool! It has been a really long time since we have gotten one. A lot of fans didn’t really like the Podracing scene, but personally I liked it a lot. The Podracer looks perfect. From the engines to the drivers seat it looks very cool. As for the figures, I am not a fan of young Anakin’s face. It does not represent any facial expressions from the movie. Padmé looks nice though. They used medium sized legs which I have never seen before, so that is different. Personally I didn’t mind the regular sized legs but I like it.

Anniversary Figures

I am a little disappointed in the Anniversary figures. On the back printing of the figures it says “20 Years LEGO Star Wars”. In my opinion, that was completely unnecessary as there is already printing on the figure stand and there was no need to add it a second time. Also, it decreases the value of the figures. I would have rather had the original back printing.

Back Printing

Overall the sets themselves are great, but the choices of the sets they choose to put in this collection were awful. They should have had 6 iconic sets, one from each original movie. The could have also traded Lando Calrissian with the original R2-D2 and C-3PO. I would have liked LEGO to somehow figure out how to incorporate an original Chewbacca in the collection. Let me know your thought on the sets below. Do you love them? Hate Them? Which one are you most excited for?