Top 5 LEGO Star Wars Battle Packs

Today I will be going over my top 5 LEGO Star Wars Battle Packs. They are in no specific order. There were so many great packs to choose from, making the selection quite competitive.

First up, the OG Clone Walker Battle Pack (8014). This was the first Star Wars Battle Pack I acquired when I was a child. It is a true Battle Pack in the sense of it was 4 Phase 1 Clone Troopers, and if you have the ability to purchase this set a dozen times over it would make sense because you can strengthen your clone army. The build itself is a strong build. It’s pretty minimalistic, but serves its purpose. I enjoyed putting it together and only wish I had gotten a bunch more. When you open the set you receive an array of extra gear, including a range finder, neck, and leg gear, where you can get your troops ready for battle.

The next Battle Pack is the Utapau Troopers (75036) or more commonly refered to as the 212 Battle Pack. In this Battle Pack you will find two 212th troopers and two Airborne troopers. This was a fantastic way to build up your 212 army to fight along side Obi-Wan Kenobi and hopefully a Phase 2 Commander Cody. The build in this set is kinda a throwaway build, your not buying the set for the build your buying it for the minifigures. Unfortunately the figures are not 100% accurate as they come with stud-shooters instead of regular blasters, but you can just swap them out.

The 501st Battle Pack (75280) is not your traditional Battle Pack. Typically a Battle Pack will have 4 figures and one build; but this one has 6 figures and 2 builds. Part of me would like a regular Battle Pack because it’s cheaper but this is still a absolute win. This set has 2 regular 501st troopers, one jet trooper, and 2 battle droids. The set was one Clone Scout Walker and a Barc Speeder. The builds are fantastic, the only flaw is on the Clone Scout Walker there is a disproportionate front stud-shooter that looks very odd. I will definitely create a custom canon but other than that it’s a perfect set. How many will you be buying?

When creating this list, I had a hard decision to make, the old or the new Mandalorian Battle Pack (75267). I opted to go with the 2020 version. The figures are exceptionally detailed. Although you can’t really make an army, each figure is unique and a great addition to any collection. The 2 builds are not too bad. The one thing I would change is having each figure carry a unique weapon. The Mandalorians are infamous for their weapons, and we see them carrying stud-shooters. I love the new cape design, it completes the figures.

Last but not least, the Kashyyyk Trooper Battle Pack (75035). Here we get 2 scout troopers and 2 Phase 2 Kashyyyk Troopers. This is one of my favorite Battle Packs. They are detailed, sleek and ready for battle. The build is great, it can carry 2 troopers and their weapons. Again, they do come with stud-shooters. The set is a must have for any clone army collector.

Some of my runner ups when creating the list were Bomb Squad Trooper Battle Pack (Clone Trooper Battle Pack) the Imperial Trooper Battle Pack (With the Death Troopers) and the 2005 Clone Trooper Battle Pack. Let me know your thoughts on the list. What is your favorite Battle Pack???


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