LEGO Ideas 21301 Birds

In 2015, LEGO released the LEGO Ideas Birds set, it took me 5 years to get my hands on it, and I was not disappointed. The set features 3 birds from 3 different continents. Each birds has a small platform which they can “fly” from. I will dive into a deep review of the set.

Starting us off will be the Cyanocitta Cristata, more commonly referred to as the Blue Jay; this is my favorite bird of the 3. It’s the most accurate build and the bird lives in my region, so that brings it up another point. The color and shape is pin-point accurate. This model of the bird is particularly unique because you can fly it around with your hand and it will appear to be flying on its own; or it can look like it’s perched on your hand. I love the shape of the head on how they brought out its feathers. This is a 10/10 model and helps bring the set to life.

Next up, the Erithacus Rubecula, better known as the European Robin. Out of the 3, this is my least favorite bird. It’s an incredible build and design and I love the parts used to shape the feet, but I can’t get over the color of the birds chest. The set has it as red, but the bird actually has an orange chest, when creating animals like this, I expect accuracy; it even shows orange on the box and instructions. I also wish the beak was black instead of dark bluish grey. Despite the inaccurate coloring, the bird is an incredible model.

Last, the Colibri Thalassinus, or the Mexican Violetear Hummingbird. This bird is featured with a sunflower, both are on the same larger platform. This bird has a fairly accurate color scheme. I wish they added a dark purplish/blue color at the bottom of the tail, but that’s just nit-picking. The build was a bit strange, It felt as if the top of the bird was going to be the bottom and the bottom of the bird was going to be the top. I wondered how it was going to come to together and look, however I was not disappointed. You can pose the hummingbird to be taking nectar out of the flower which is cool.

It took extreme talent to put this design together. The artist did a spectacular job using basic parts, there were no new or unique parts needed in this set. The pictures shown are pictures I took on my trip to Newport Rhode Island. I thought I was fun to pose them it a wildlife setting. I did my best to have them appear to be flying or perched on their own. I really enjoyed building and displaying this set and would love to see different brick-built animals/wildlife from LEGO in the future. If you enjoyed the review, share with a friend or family member. Have an excellent day!!

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