BrickFair New Jersey 2019!!

Last week I went to BrickFair New Jersey to display my first MOC (My own Creation) I had a fantastic, memorable time. I met so many smart, talented people and saw so many cool creation.

I started my MOC in early July. After purchasing the LEGO Iron Man Hall of Armor I wanted to create the Avengers Compound so I did. After many hours and LEGO orders, I completed it in time for BrickFair. Since it was my first MOC, I just started building, I didn’t think of how big it would actually get. (30 IN wide, 32 IN long and 10 IN tall) I could barely fit it out the door. The next MOC will be able to be broken up into separate smaller sections. I will post some pictures at the bottom.

I convinced my parents to let me skip school on Friday and my dad and I drove down to Secaucus, New Jersey. We transported the MOC on a thick wooden plate. Once I set up I got to meet and talk to fellow creators. I met one older gentlemen who was so passionate about his 1994 Pink Floyd Stadium. He was ecstatic when I won a Brickee.

I was super nervous the next day. I wasn’t sure if the public would like it or even look at it. I was wrong. Everyone loved it. It was the only MOC there that was completely centered around Marvel’s Avengers. Kids would run up and try to find their favorite character, and when they did they would get so excited and point them out to their parents. Even adults loved the MOC. One women asked if she could place her personal minifigures next to Stan Lee. I said of course and to put a huge smile on here face.

Another child named Jackson came up and stared at the MOC for a few seconds. He then turned and whispered to his mom. His mom asked me if he could shake my hand. Shaking Jacksons hand made building the MOC 100% worth it. I estimated that over the weekend 500 photos were taken of my creation. Some people said it was their favorite on there.

Overall I had a terrific time at BrickFair NJ. I had a great time with my dad and my family. I enjoyed seeing all the kids run up to the MOC. I already have next years creation in mind. Thank you BrickFair New Jersey!!!

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