LEGO Star Wars Yoda’s Hut 75208 Review

Amazing display!! It looks great on my display shelf. But the play functionality does not measure up to its looks. In this blog post I will be reviewing Yoda’s Hut from Empire Strikes Back. I hope you enjoy!

Set Name: Yoda’s Hut
Set Number: 75208
Pieces: 229
Minifigures: 3
Retail Price: $30.00
Release Date: August 1, 2018

I really like this set. It has lots of details and play features. If you’re getting this set just to display it then it’s absolutely perfect. For play use, the inside of the hut is very cramped. Lets get right into the review so I can give you my detailed opinion in the set.

The Yoda minifigure is just plain amazing. His design is simple which is what I look for. His ropes look old, just like the movie; and they are printed so clearly. It looks a lot like the Yoda we saw in Empire Strikes Back. The rubber head piece has so much detail which shows his age. Luke Skywalker is also done very well. I like how he has two faces, anger and concentration; which are the two emotions he felt during his training with Master Yoda. The only thing I would like to see is some mud printing on his clothing to give it extra detail. I am a little disappointed with the muddy R2-D2. I wish LEGO added mud printing to the legs and back of the body, along with droid printing on the back. It looks incomplete.

The Hut has many play features. Luke can swing from ropes, use the force and leap through the air. However, as stated earlier, the playability just isn’t there. For display, the set is great. It has a small design but has powerful looks. Inside the hut is really busy. If they added a stud or two to the width it would have made a huge difference, the characters would have much more room to maneuver around. I love how Yoda’s bed can be put up against the wall and how under the table in the middle of the hut there is a secret compartment making a great use of space. The fire-pit and pot look great, it is nicely done.

Moving on to outside the Hut. I have really nothing constructive to say about it, besides the fact that I think they should have added some more green pieces to to hut. I love the roof and the smoke.

Overall the set is pretty cool. I have it displayed on a shelf and it looks nice next to my other sets. I would give this set a 6.5/10 due to the lack of strong play features, but besides that it is a cool set to have for your collection.

Yoda’s Hut

Back of Yoda’s Hut

Yoda on Luke’s Back
Luke Skywalker (angry and concentration)
Muddy R2-D2 (Front and Back)
Inside Yoda’s Hut (1)
Inside Yoda’s Hut (2)

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