Summerfield’s Toys Top 5 Favorite LEGO Instagram Pages!!

Happy February everyone! In today’s post I will share my top 5 LEGO Instagram pages and why they are my favorites. All pages are in alphabetical order.

LEGO Travellers post their own photos of a minifigure family traveling the world and going on adventures. The photos look very professional. They have traveled to Disneyland, Brussels, Amsterdam, United Kingdom, as well as Australia, which is where they live. This Instagram page so cute and connects you with the world.

JaclynKatelynLoren LEGO Scenes posts unique scenes using commonly known characters. Their photos are crisp and clear. The captions are creative an always put a smile on your face. The scene makes you wonder how the single picture story would continue, igniting your own imagination and creativity. This family friendly page has clever photos that make your Instagram feed unique.

Sarah Beyer is an Adult Fan of LEGO who creates extremely detailed architectural structures such as furniture, houses, and landscapes. Her photos are exceptional and always show the structure at the best angles. Over the years, each and every house is better than the last. Sarah is constantly improving her building techniques and takes pride in her LEGO creations.

Stormythos is a LEGO Instagram page that posts custom built creations of brickheadz. His builds are impressive. Some of his Brickheadz were even featured on the official LEGO Instagram. He creates popular characters from television shows and movies. He takes pride in his builds and is always perfecting his creations. Stormythos never wants to keep his building secrets to himself as he shares tips and tricks so his followers can build their own favorite characters.

y.badiner uploads original scenes using characters and his precise photography skills. Only one word can describe his artwork: stunning! The way he places each element is impressive. y.badiner has a skilled talent were he places the figures to appear floating in the air. Another cool thing he recently started doing is posting behind the scenes photos were you can see how he places the figures which is really neat.

All of these creators are extremely talented. Links to each creators Instagram are below. Make sure you click on the links and follow them. I hope you enjoyed Summerfield’s Toys top 5 favorite LEGO Instagram pages

First Post! LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter

Hello, My name is Matthew and this is my first blog post. One of my favorite and most iconic ships in Star Wars is the X-wing. Before I get in my review I will share some basic details about this awesome set. 

Set Name: X-Wing StarFighter 
Set Number: 75218
Pieces: 730
Minifigures: 4
Retail Price: $69.99
Release Date: August 1, 2018

My first thoughts when I look at this set is “Wow, this is amazing”. One word to describe this set is clean, it has a modern sleek look. 

First I will begin with the minifigures

I love the 2 pilots, the printing on the front chest are really clear and detailed. The new helmets have the orange eye shield attached and is a little bulky but still look really cool. I think if LEGO could make them a tad bit thinner they would be perfect. 

R2-D2 looks amazing as always, every time they update him he gets better and better. The only thing I would like to see is some back printing on the other side of his body just to make him even more realistic. 

The R2-Q2 droid is a decent minifigure. Again I would like to see some back printing on the body just like R2-D2. In my opinion the main flaw with this droid is the head and leg color does not match the body. It just looks really odd since both the grey are super similar. 

Now onto the best part, the X-Wing.  I love this ship. The wings are super easy to open and close. I like how they used both stud shooters and  spring-loaded shooters. From outside the cockpit of the ship looks really nice, but I am not a big fan of the inside. I don’t like how they used a traditional seat instead of the normal back piece that we have seen in previous Starfighters. Also I don’t like the fire extinguisher addition. When putting the pilot into the cockpit the handle of the extinguisher interferes with the helmet. Instead of the fire extinguisher I would rather have a spot for the pilots pistol to rest. 

Moving onto the engines and wings. The engines are okay. I am not a huge fan of the gray barrel piece as it just looks off. I wish the end of the engine was a bit thicker. Other than that I love it. The wings are amazing, the only thing I would add is some small sticker detail on the slanted white piece leading up to the engine. 

Building this set took me about an hour. It got kinda boring and repetitive making 4 wings. But other than that I had a great time. The final product is amazing though. It is perfect for display and play. I highly recommend it, and definitely worth the money. Overall I would give this set an 8.5/10.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the X-Wing in the comment section and let me know what you thought about the review.  

X-Wing and minifigures
Back of the starfighter
R2-D2 and R2-Q2
Tail of the engine
X-Wing with open wings

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