Daily Bugle Lighting Kit!

The LEGO Marvel Daily Bugle is a masterpiece of a set, with a wide variety of Minifigures and four stories of adventure and detail. So how could this set get any better? The answer, lightailing.com. LIGHTAILING Co., LTD provides high-quality lighting kits for hundreds of LEGO sets of all different themes, Marvel, Star Wars, LEGO Friends, Halloween, and winter sets.


When I received the lighting kit for the LEGO Marvel Daily Bugle, I was ecstatic. It arrived in beautiful bright red packaging in a small secure box. When I opened the kit, it was neatly packed with detailed instructions and labeled baggies containing all the required components. I was so excited to begin the installation process.  


I started by disassembling the four modular levels of the building. Starting with the base of the skyscraper, I Installed the lights and wires following the provided instructions. It is quite a lengthy process, but the outcome is so worth it. It truly brings the building to life and allows the builder to immerse themselves in the Spider-Man city life. I love the lights on the digital billboards and behind the translucent-orange blast effects near the Green Goblin. The added lights establish the building as a prominent display piece fit for anyone’s collection.  

The kit definitely requires one to have patience, strong finger dexterity, and be a skilled LEGO builder; it will take an experienced person several hours to complete. If you are up for a challenge and want to bring your Daily Bugle to life, or another LEGO masterpiece to life, this is the product for you. The combination of the set and lights truly makes a beautiful outcome.

Please take the time to check out lightailing.com!!

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