Why I will be purchasing the Hogwarts Icons Collectors Edition (76391)

Over the summer my love for Harry Potter was rejuvenated after re-watching the movies and reading The Prisoner of Azkaban; and when I saw this set was going to be released, I was thrilled. It incorporates components from the wizarding stories with nostalgia and accuracy.  The immediate eye-catcher looking at the set is the huge Hedwig perched upon the books. His wings bring visualization of a cool breeze almost like he is about to fly right past you. Underneath Hedwig is a formal invitation to attend Hogwarts; What’s unique about this is one can write their name on the recipient line, as if the letter is inviting you to attend the school, giving the owner a personal connection to the set.  


The build is comprised of many Easter-eggs such as a chocolate frog, potions, and the golden snitch (which includes ingenious building techniques). Generally, when determining if a set’s price matches its value, LEGO enthusiasts turn to the ‘price-per-piece’ rule- .10per piece. For those who utilize this rule, the set’s average ‘price-per-piece’ is 0.083, which is significantly lower than ten cents. A bonus feature includes three 20th Anniversary Minifigures with a polished stand. Figures include Albus Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, and fan-favorite Hagrid! 


From all angles, this set brings excitement, nostalgia, complexity, and beauty. It captures the depth of the wizarding world in just a few thousand pieces. It is an impressive display piece and has the ability to catch the eyes of your friends! It does have a hefty price tag but is totally worth it to any Harry Potter Fan!  



Summerfield’s Toys recognizes and condemns the potentially hurtful words of author J.K. Rowling. We support the LGBTQ+ Community. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! 

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