MandRMOCtober 2020 Submission

Hello all!!

Today I will be sharing my submission for MandRProduction’s MOCTober2020 contest. I choose to create a MOC (My Own Creation) featuring the new LEGO Star Wars 501st Legion Battle Pack. 

This was a MOC I intended to create ever since I saw the battle pack. For the base, I used the plates and frame found on the new LEGO Art Sets, and for the MOC, pieces in my own collection. With the help of Bricklink, I was able to order the remaining parts to complete the model. I completed this MOC fairly quickly, 2 days (10 hours). 

The MOC Features iconic characters such as Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Ahsoka Tano. I incorporated the Barc Speeder and AT-RT from LEGO set 75280. And of course, the infamous 501st troopers. Unfortunately I was not able to include Captain Rex, as he is quite expensive. Hopefully the creators at LEGO will release a new one soon!

In the MOC, the Jedi and their clones are attacking a Droid outpost led by Nute Gunray. They had to trek through thick layers of nature and wildlife, cross a rapid river, and take over the outpost. 

You can see Ahsoka and Anakin jumping ahead, slashing through the Battle Droids. Master Kenobi stayed back to lead the mission and tended to the wounded. Nute Gunray is panicking, unable to escape from the Jedi Knights. 

Thank you all for supporting this MOC of mine. You can check it out of my Youtube channel and Instagram by clicking the following links (Instagram) (YouTube)

Make sure you check out MandRproductions on YouTube by clicking this link

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