How LEGO impacts our lives with perspectives from 2 different countries

Hello Everyone, today I welcome a special guest, Andrej from Brickeasy. He is a LEGO lover from Slovakia. We collaborated on answering several questions, all relating to LEGO. I hope you enjoy!

What is your first LEGO memory? How old were you? What did this set mean for you at the time?

Andrej: I don’t remember my first exact LEGO set, because I was maybe 3 years old then and it was probably a LEGO System (sometime in 1990), but I remember when I got my first LEGO Technic set back when I was 9 years old. You can read the full story of this on my LEGO website here.

Matthew: When I was about 7 years old, I woke up with excitement as it was Easter Sunday. I ran down stairs to see what the Easter Bunny left me. I shifted through the basket and saw a LEGO Castle Building Set; ecstatic, I got right to building, I found the techniques fascinating even as a young kid. I found the ability to open and close the drawbridge somewhat revolutionary. This opened a door of a life-long passion for building and creating with LEGO. 

Andrej: My favorite LEGO theme has always been Technic. I have been fascinated by the gear wheels and various mechanisms that replicate real engineering vehicles. However, now that I’m over 32 years old, I have started exploring other LEGO themes too. For example, I have bought a Star Wars and a Harry Potter LEGO set recently. And I find these other themes very interesting. There are so many LEGO models to explore.

Matthew: My favorite LEGO theme has always been Star Wars. I love being able to immerse myself within the galaxy and construct my own story. I’ve been collecting Star Wars ships, bases, and figures for over a decade. As the years went on, I’ve grown to love other themes such Marvel and City. I’m always on the edge of my seat waiting to hear the next set rumor or image release.  

What kept your interest in LEGO throughout the years?

Andrej: I would say that every season LEGO comes up with some very interesting new sets that amaze me. And when I like some of these new models very much, I cannot avoid the temptation to make a purchase. 🙂 I always like to try something new. I can say that I’m a loyal LEGO customer, as I buy something new every year.

Matthew: Similar to Andrej, I think what kept my interest in LEGO is the new sets they create every year. I love discovering the new techniques and characters they bring to life. It allows me to connect with my childhood and meet LEGO enthusiasts from around the world. 

What have you learned from building with Lego? Have you been able to apply it in a real life setting such as work, family life etc?

Andrej: LEGO is a nice hobby and a kind of relaxation for me. It has also helped me to understand at my early childhood how various automotive mechanisms work in reality. For example, the differential on car models. I learned all these things from LEGO Technic car models. Also, if I have kids one day, I will definitely buy them LEGO and I will start with LEGO Duplo. 🙂

Matthew: Building with LEGO has taught me many valuable lessons over the years, such as patience, the importance of relaxation, and creativity. But what I consider the most important is kindness. I’ve learned that regardless of your background and life, we are all the same human race and there are many things that can bridge the gap of division, like LEGO does for many individuals around the world. I apply kindness in conversations, my work, relationships, and overall my life. 

I want to thank Andrej for joining me on these questions. You can check him out by clicking this link he has some exceptional work. 

How has LEGO affected you and your life?

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