LEGO Star Wars 75280 501st Battle Pack Review

I’m in love with the infamous LEGO Star Wars 501st Legion Clone Troopers, commonly known as the 501st Battle Pack. This set is by far the most anticipated LEGO Star Wars set ever. LEGO fans have been pleading for this set for over 2 years. What was once a small campaign led by MandRproductions, A LEGO YouTuber, transformed into a reality this past spring. The set includes a Clone Scout Walker, a Barc Speeder, 3 501st troopers, 1 jet trooper, and 2 Battle Droids. 

Let’s start off with the 3 501st Troopers. Personally, I love them. They are movie-accurate and fairly detailed. The figures have foot printing, which is not very common with Clone Troopers, and it looks amazing. Added detail like that is what really enhances a figure. I love the helmet mold and printing. A notable difference from these Clone Troopers compared to others is their new head. LEGO has seemed to move away from the “angry face” and created a tanner, Jango Fett-like face. It has a neutral face but shows signs of anger with its eyebrows which completes the look. I wish LEGO added waist printing for a continuous flow to the figures as it’s an awkward jump from the torso to the legs. I tried switching the white waist for a black one and the proportions didn’t match. 

The Jet Trooper is actually not in any Star Wars movies or shows, it’s from the video game Battlefront 2. I am thrilled LEGO included this figure. He has blue arms instead of white which is specific to the design seen in the game. It has considerably epic red markings on his helmet which look frightening in battle. The set includes 2 standard Battle Droids which is a generous addition. 

Jumping into the Barc Speeder, designed specifically for the 501st Legion looks stunning. It is noticeably longer than traditional Barc Speeders, which is not necessarily a bad thing. There is typically backlash towards stud-shooters within the LEGO community, but the stud-shooters in the speeder look tremendous. They are located in the spot that makes sense and flows with the overall design. It uses some uncommon bricks, magnifying the essence of the build. One addition I did add is a 1×1 black wedge in between the controls, it was just an open stud and look off. The blasters on the sides are a great incorporation enclosed in the build. 

The Clone Scout Walker is remarkable. It is smaller than its predecessor from 2013. A convenient feature incorporated is the ability to hold the blaster and binoculars on the clips in the back. This is neat because it makes it harder to misplace the parts. The build has a great deal of stickers amplifying the overall design. I would rather have the parts printed but stickers are better than nothing. The antennas have a little give to them, resulting in them not falling off as much. When I initially looked at the photos of the set, I was disappointed that they included the stud-shooter. It appeared small and lazy. After building the set and seeing it in person it’s not as bad as I thought. Granted, I will still make modifications to it, but the size makes sense. 

Overall the set is one-of-a-kind. A masterpiece if you will. It will transform the possibility of future Battle Packs and challenge the traditional mindset LEGO has accumulated for years. I give it an easy 10/10. How many do you plan on getting? 

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